Frequently Asked Questions

How long do shutters typically take to manufacture and install?
Usually 6-8 weeks from the date of deposit to the date of install.

How do your prices compare?

Our prices are very competitive to other shutter manufacturers. We guarantee that for your money you will receive the best value with Clearview Shutters.

Where’s the tilt-rod?

The tilt rod is a laser-cut metal rod connecting the ends of each louver in a strong and hidden assembly. When closed, the tilt-rod tucks neatly into specially designed grooves hidden from any view. The tilt-rod is guaranteed for the life of the shutter.

What are the advantages of the hidden tilt-rod?
- Stronger and More Reliable Design
- Easier to Clean
- Clearer View (no rod down the middle of your shutter blocking your view)

How do you adjust the louvers up and down?
Because our louvers are painted and stained with resistant finishes, simply hold a louver to open and close the group of louvers.

What type of wood do you use?
Typically, we use Basswood for painted and Alder for stained shutters. Both woods are known for being lightweight and extremely durable.

Do you manufacturer MDF/HDF shutters?
Due to issues associated with the quality of MDF/HDF (Medium Density Fiberboard/High Density Fiberboard) and Clearview’s commitment for lasting quality, we have selected not to utilize this material for the construction of our shutters.

Do you offer vinyl shutters?
We do offer vinyl shutters but only recommend them for very moist areas.

Do you offer shutters for specialty shapes?
We do custom build sunbursts and arches designed specifically to fit your specialty windows.

Are you able to do shutters for French doors and sliding glass doors?
Yes. Our shutters for both French doors and sliding glass doors are very attractive and custom made to fit your door.

How do I clean the shutters?
Clearview Shutters are easily cleaned using a feather duster or soft cloth. Unlike aluminum and vinyl products, there is no static charge to attract dust.

Do shutters help to insulate my home?
Shutters are a great way to curb your energy bills, as they are ideal for insulating against the heat and cold. In addition to adding to the aesthetics of your home, they block out the harmful ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun, preventing warping and fading of your furniture.

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- Patti Taylor-Hawker - 2009 Utah
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